Sean Michael Bradley

Actor / Stunt Performer / SAG-AFTRA / AEA




Lost Girls at Theatre Exile

 "Sean Bradley’s Lou is filled with bluster but reveals an inner tenderness" - DC Metro Theater Arts

"Lost Girls ... power lies with these fine actors. They take us beyond stereotypes and cliché, and make their characters fully human so we know them as people, not as types -- exactly the way theater can triumph" - The Philadelphia Inquirer

"pitch-perfect cast" - The Philadelphia Inquirer

"John Pollono’s Lost Girls is another gritty, well-acted area premiere." - Broad Street Review

"characters, all meticulously drawn and played with nuance" - Newswoks

Hansel and Gretel at Quintessence Theatre

"Sean Bradley offers a goofier, more physically comedic take" - The Philadelphia Inquirer

"cast and production know how to entertain." - The Philadelphia Inquirer 

" the cast creates little moments of magic" - The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Hansel (Sean Bradley) and Gretel (Clare O’Malley) are charming and lovable as the two protagonists, specifically in their duets" - DC Metro Theater Arts

"Sean Bradley and Clare O’Malley play well together as brother and sister ... and tug at heartstrings" - PHINDIE 

"There are also many funny moments. The show is vividly brought to life by a cast of six highly animated actors whose character’s sing and dance straight into their audience’s sphere of delight. Children audibly expressed their intrigue during the show with oohh’s, aahh’s, 'wows' and laughter." - PHINDIE

"Hansel and Gretel is wonderful entertainment" - Talkin' Broadway




Metamorphoses at the Arden Theatre

"Sean Bradley gives us a lovely take on Orpheus" - The Philadelphia Inquirer

"the production is a knockout"- The Philadelphia Inquirer

"The cast both enacts and narrates the stories, and they are, one and all, charming, graceful, and sensual, and often funny"- The Philadelphia Inquirer 

"Of course, there’s the fabulous ensemble cast who all take turns shining throughout the hour-and-a-half show" - Philadelphia Magazine

"powerful production" - Talkin' Broadway

"The entire cast is strong" - Talkin' Broadway

"emotionally gut wrenching" - Talkin' Broadway

"the ten actors in Hara’s cast are all strong" - DC Metro Theatre Arts